Little More About Us


Speaking a new language, making a new world. “Non-speaking does not equal non thinking.”
Sisu – The word Sisu expresses itself by taking action in life, displaying courage and determination, enabling extraordinary action to overcome mentally or physically challenging situations.

Autism school with branches in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

We strive for inclusion

The Sisu Hub is the first Autism Centre in South Africa, with branches in Pretoria and Johannesburg, that provides age-appropriate tutoring for non-speaking, minimally- and unreliably-speaking Autistic individuals. We presume competence regardless of motor and regulation difficulties. Our methodology is focused on therapies improving the body-mind disconnect, as well as sensory and motor differences. Our aim is to improve motor control and enable communication through Spelling to Communicate (S2C). Input, observations and clarifications from Autistic individuals form an integral part of our methodology. “Nothing about us without us”! We strive for inclusion, acceptance and above all, equivalence for all Autistic individuals.

Speech should not be an indicator of intelligence

The Sisu Hub focuses on providing age appropriate tutoring to all non-speaking, minimally- and unreliably-speaking individuals. We presume competence regardless of motor and regulation difficulties. Speech should not be an indicator of intelligence. All individuals are unique, have their own personalities, preferences and voices. The Hub’s supposition in this regard is that Autism should be viewed as a neurological condition that affects sensory and motor development and that intellectual and cognitive ability should not be questioned. Methods in tutoring and assessment are multi-tiered, and take the body-mind disconnect into account. Presuming competence throughout all interactions with individuals ensures that tutoring on an age-appropriate level takes place. As motor skills improve, assessment of cognitive abilities (not motor) can then be achieved. Autistics, just like neurotypical individuals, learn best when valued, and will excel when challenged and supported.